The Strategy Institute for Thought Leadership (SITL)

Creating Pearls of Business Wisdom

Definition: The word Institute comes from the Latin word “instituere” meaning build, create, raise or educate.

The Strategy Institute for Thought Leadership (SITL) is the research arm of Method Frameworks, a corporate strategy and strategic planning consulting company.  We share our business wisdom with our clients and the business executives who contribute to our research.



Innovation does not occur in a vacuum

The SITL surveys and interviews top executives from leading companies around the world to consolidate meaningful analysis for businesses.  Our clients benefit from our strategic research and competitive analysis, which leverages industry information on the top 10,000 industries, covering more than 95% of the $57 trillion global economy. Benchmarking industry performance helps our clients to identify best practices in relation to peer results, better understand the competition and measure the delta between reality and the potential of business operations - setting the stage for clear corporate strategic planning for innovation, transformation and growth.

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