Strategy Governance Framework

The Daily Battles To Execute Strategy

Many organizations do an adequate job strategic planning, only to see the effort go to waste as execution languishes - sometimes due to poor project management, lack of initiative ownership / accountability and political turf wars occurring within the business. Governance disconnected from business operations usually results in a powerless reporting function that does not help improve upon strategy execution. See an overview of our services or review our approach and pricing.

Your Strategy's Secret Weapon

We can help you be confident of implementing your strategy.The Strategy Governance Framework is a key part of our PLAN4 strategic planning methodology and your organization's secret weapon to execute your corporate strategy. Our approach (developed through years of leveraging the most effective approaches in strategic planning industry best practices) is comprehensive, adaptable and effective in guiding organizations through strategy implementation throughout the enterprise.

Strategy and Execution | Strategy Governance FrameworkThese innovations in developing this industry-leading strategic planning methodology have led to a truly unique and powerful process to get organizations the planning results they have strived to achieve for years on their own.  >> Learn more about the overall PLAN4 process

The Strategy Governance Framework

Our unique accountibililty-driven Strategy Governance Framework (SGF) is an important part our Plan4 methodology and seamlessly combines the abilities to easily manage resources, keep initiatives on track, and communicate quickly and effectively about strategy execution with all levels of management. SGF is process-based and software agnostic, allowing the framework to be adapted by any size organization and completely integrated across the enterprise. See an overview of our services or review our approach and pricing.

Plan4 - Strategy Governance Framework's Value:

  • Powerful tools to facilitate the creation of organizational structures that empower informed employees with the latitude to make broader line-level decisions.
  • Communication plans that target the right messages to the right people in the organization at the time that they need to receive the message.
  • A mathematically-based valuation foundation is used for the evaluation and timing of activities, removing bias on initiatives.
  • Linkages to corporate strategy and organization communications protocols.
  • Discrete tasks that allow the execution team to clearly and easily define the roles, responsibilities, and authorities for delivering desired outcomes.
  • Tools and techniques to visually, in real time, identify, isolate and correct execution issues.
  • Strategy execution | PLAN4 Strategic Planning Process
  • The correct organizational priorities and alignment of spending with those ordered priorities - promoting programs that further the execution of the organization’s strategy.
  • Structure and accountability which helps motivate management and employees by giving them structure and direction.
  • The governance framework fosters aligned thinking, action and values.
  • Organizational performance indicators and metrics that provide the ability to control and manage
  • Alerts that signal the need for evaluation and analysis early - when corrections to implementation tactics can be made more easily with fewer cost implications.
  • The governance structure unifies the organization behind a common vision and prioritized goals - subsequently growing a stronger and healthier culture.

Strategy Execution Critical Success FactorsDownload Our Whitepaper on Strategy Execution

Our guide to successful strategy execution, called "Critical Success Factors For Improving Strategy Execution", is a 28 page complimentary resource. The critical success factors for improving strategy execution provided in this guide are the foundation for implementing lasting organizational change. Each factor stands on its own in terms of improving strategy implementation outcomes, although addressing the combined set of CSFs is the target objective organizations should strive for. Until organizations make these improvements in their strategic planning and execution disciplines, strategy implementation will continue to challenge business leaders.

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