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What is operational planning?

Well-implemented strategic planning provides the vision, direction and goals for the organization, but operational planning translates that strategy into the everyday execution tactics of the business that will ultimately produce the outcomes defined by the strategy. Simply stated, operational planning is the conversion of strategic goals into managed strategy execution. See an overview of our services or review our approach and pricing.

Operational Planning Guide Simply put, our approach to operational planning works.

At Method Frameworks, the actual worth of a strategic and operational plan is measured by its ability to meet our client's key organizational outcomes while continuously addressing risks and operational issues. We do this without compromising on our commitment to deliver consistent value to our clients; positioning them to better serve their customers and gain market share for their shareholders. See an overview of our services or review our approach and pricing.

Let Our Process Be Your Advantage

Operational Planning Accelerator | Strategy ExecutionView a point-by-point comparison of our PLAN4SM strategic planning advantages over traditional strategic planning methods.

The critical role operational planning plays in strategy execution

At the end of the day, strategic planning is all about the strategy execution. Corporate strategy can be thought of as a message packet that must be passed through the organization, understood by all and acted upon in orchestration.  If the message is garbled, ambiguous or not communicated well, the intent will be lost in translation and operational execution will become misaligned with the corporate strategic goals.

Superior operational planning requires proactive and innovative thinking to enact strategy within the operational layer of the business. Operational planning must produce the plan outcomes while managing constraints on time, money and resources.

Our offering is an indispensable element of successful strategy implementation

We make strategies deliver on their promises.  Method Frameworks offers our clients an approach to operational planning that breaks down strategic goals into well-estimated, fully planned and realistically resourced programs, initiatives and projects that can be tracked across all P&L structures and at all levels of the organization.  In short, our operational plans yield detailed execution tactics for strategy implementation, complete with clear-cut clear accountability - planned for execution down to the task level and including time lines and tools for measuring performance on all strategic objectives - any time.

How we approach operational planning

Working side-by-side with our clients, we bring action and accountability into planning. 

  • Our proprietary Plan4SM process looks at the organization's ecosystem as a whole, understanding and accounting for the interdependency existing between the many initiatives in play supporting the enterprise strategic plan. 
  • Plan4's Integrated Operational Planning (IOP)SM approach bridges functional silos within the business through the development of cohesive sub-plans, all branching from the overall corporate strategic plan. Through coordinated planning across functional areas of the business, IOP drives function-level operational plans to be developed in an integrated fashion to map out efficient and intelligent usage of the corporate resources.
  • Our operational plans convert the enterprise strategy into major program groupings that support execution of strategic goals. 
  • These programs are further planned at the initiative level across the business, resulting in detailed execution road maps that are well-aligned with the corporate strategy and produce the desired plan outcomes through engineered accountability, measurability and governance. 
  • Our approach identifies and plans for potential roadblocks that might otherwise impede operational execution. 

The Method Frameworks operational planning approach plans across and down through all layers of the organization, "fitting" the strategic goals and priorities into well-defined operational initiatives that can be managed, measured and delivered within the business segments. That includes understanding that different sub-cultures exist across the organization and can impact the effectiveness of communication and coordination among divisions and departments. 

Our Plan4 process accounts for those distinctions during planning, bringing all facets of the organization's hierarchy into consideration. Since execution is a day-to-day battle, our Plan4 process effectively allows organizations to meet new challenges and take advantage of opportunities through our adaptable and responsive approach.

Client Testimonial

Watch this testimonial to find out how we helped this international manufacturing client with planning, execution and governance on a global initiative.

Doug Eubanks
Chief Information Officer
NCH Corporation


What does this mean to you?  Operational planning boils down to business results.

Our approach leads to clearer vision, better strategy, accountability and execution within your business. The Method Frameworks Plan4 operational planning framework ultimately enables our client's organizations to quickly respond to market opportunities and changes.  Risks are mitigated through scenario planning and well-crafted execution tactics and threats are understood and planned for. 

Simply stated, Method Frameworks can get your organization to accomplish astounding results.  Explore more reasons why Method Frameworks is the right choice for your organization. See an overview of our services or review our approach and pricing.

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