Strategy Execution and Governance

Successful execution of corporate strategy requires that strategic plan governance be linked to the planning process and not considered as an afterthought.  Strategic goals represent work that must be translated into well-planned and carefully coordinated programs. Accountabilities must be assigned, metrics defined and progress measured and managed.

Exceptional corporate strategic planning leads to exceptional strategy execution.

Aligning corporate strategy to operational execution is critical, yet most organizations fail to continue the planning effort beyond the corporate planning process.Cascade Effect In Strategic Planning Strategic initiatives will ultimately impact the operational layers of the organization, so corporate strategy must be translated into operationalized work units where the accountability structures are known and the timelines, resource needs and dependency relationships between programs are defined to the level where they can be easily managed. Planning must also provide definition of the underlying projects within major programs so that governance for goal-supporting initiatives can be measured and managed at all organizational levels. Failure to plan appropriately with this type of precision leads to strategy misalignment, mission drift and execution failures.

For corporate strategy implementation, Method Frameworks’ Plan4SM Strategy Governance Framework (SGFSM) ensures effective and controlled execution by providing complete initiative and project-level visualization along with robust management tools that support the effort from inception through implementation.

Initiative planning

Strategy Governance Framework

Our unique accountibility-driven Strategy Governance Framework is an important part our Plan4 methodology and seamlessly combines the abilities to easily manage resources, keep initiatives on track, and communicate quickly and effectively about strategy execution with all levels of management. SGF is process-based and software agnostic, allowing the framework to be adapted by any size organization and completely integrated across the enterprise.

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Plan4's SGF features:

  • Powerful tools to facilitate the creation of organizational structures that empower informed employees with the latitude to make broader line-level decisions.
  • Communication plans that target the right messages to the right people in the organization at the time that they need to receive the message.
  • A mathematically-based foundation for the evaluation and timing of activities.
  • Linkages to corporate strategy and organization communications protocols.
  • Discrete tasks that allow the execution team to clearly and easily define the roles, responsibilities, and authorities for delivering desired outcomes.
  • Tools and techniques to visually, in real time, identify, isolate and correct execution issues.

When applied, our proprietary process allows organizations the agility to respond to changes in corporate direction, market, and customer demands – as they become known – achieving the objectives and bringing return on investment for initiative execution.

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What does this mean to you?  Strategic initiatives boil down to the results.

The success of large-scale strategic initiatives hinges on planning, change management and execution.  Method Frameworks provides the complete package to make your organization's initiatives successful. Our approach leads to clearer vision, better strategy, accountability, execution and intended results. Explore more reasons why Method Frameworks is the right choice for your organization. See an overview of our services or review our approach and pricing.

Strategy Execution Critical Success FactorsDownload Our White Paper on Strategy Execution

Our guide to successful strategy execution, called "Critical Success Factors For Improving Strategy Execution", is a 28 page complimentary resource. The critical success factors for improving strategy execution provided in this guide are the foundation for implementing lasting organizational change. Each factor stands on its own in terms of improving strategy implementation outcomes, although addressing the combined set of CSFs is the target objective organizations should strive for. Until organizations make these improvements in their strategic planning and execution disciplines, strategy implementation will continue to challenge business leaders.

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Client Testimonial

Watch this testimonial to find out how we helped this international manufacturing client with planning, execution and governance on a global scale.

Doug Eubanks
Chief Information Officer
NCH Corporation

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